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Dr. Abel Mounir M.DDr Mounir is member of the U.K. general Medical Council's Specialist Register in Plastic Surgery (for more information please (click here). The Center for Cosmetic is committed to continuing its ongoing development, setting the highest standards for quality of care in the field of plastic surgery.

Our goals are natural, age-appropriate results from cosmetic surgery with patient safety remaining paramount. We aim to inspire, to complement, to make the most of natural beauty. And we aim to make it a well kept secret.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is board spectrum of both reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures. The word comes from "Plastikos" the word for molding. Plastic surgery has been an advanced surgical specialty that lead the way in management of burns. Cleft lip and other congenital deformities, traumatic injuries including replantation of amputated parts, microvascular surgery, hand surgery and cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. Plastic surgery has been around for centuries but the use of silicone plastic has been around 35 years. Many physicians and surgeons may refer to themselves in the generic sense of "plastic surgeon" but, a plastic surgeon is a very identifiable entity. That is someone who has undergone the long and rigorous training in an accredited plastic surgery residency and has taken the appropriate examinations to receive certification by a Board of Plastic Surgery. 

How to choose your Surgeon?

Remember in most country in Europe as well in UK, it is legal for any physician who holds a medical licence, with or without surgical training, to advertise cosmetic surgeon. That’s why understanding board certification is so important for the prospective patient.

If there is confusion about a surgeon’s board certification, you may consult the General Medical Council to see if your surgeon is or not on the Specialists Register.

Also check the surgeon’s hospital affiliation. Qualified hospitals have been accredited by the joint commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). An appointment to surgical staff of an accredited hospital indicates that a Surgeon’s capabilities and performance have been reviewed and judged acceptable by medical colleagues. Ask whether your surgeon has hospital privileges to perform the specific surgical procedure in which you are interested, even if you plan to have your surgery performed in an outpatient centre or office-based surgical facility.

Special Offer for Breast Augmentation

Thank you for visiting our website. From January 2018, you will get a £ 500 discount if you book your breast augmentation. You will get the best implants on the market made by Mentor and are included in the price.

The Consultation is free of charge and will include a very full and frank appraisal of individual's suitability, as well as review the risks and benefits of the Breast surgery in general.

We accept credit card and payments. We do not offer unfortunately finance.

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