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Cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity. As more and more procedures are becoming available, many with a much lower cost than previously found, people are running to surgery centres to go under the knife in an attempt to attain the beauty they desire. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you need to make some careful considerations before deciding to go for it.

Going on a consultation for cosmetic surgery can be intimidating. Our hope is that this website will help you feel more confident about the whole process. It is important to be prepared and to have completed most of your research before you go. There is no point in going on numerous consultations only later to find out that the credentials of the surgeon aren’t acceptable (see how to choose your surgeon).

In the UK anyone with a medical degree is licensed by law to perform cosmetic surgery. Many clinics hire doctors with no or incomplete plastic surgery training to operate on patients. The level of skill and experience offered varies widely. Step one is to inform yourself about plastic surgery, about the particular procedure you are considering, and then to find a top quality, fully trained and experienced plastic surgeon. Accessible sources include your own doctor, the articles on this web site and introductory paperbacks.

Once you have decided to have surgery, you will be given a suitable date and your admission will be arranged. You will usually be admitted on the day of surgery and will be discharged from hospital once you are fit enough to look after yourself. For most operations this will mean a stay in hospital for a day or two. Occasionally, people undergoing a tummy tuck surgery will need to stay longer. This is because drains are placed into the tissues after these operations.


European Society of Aesthetic Surgery

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery


Canadian Association for Neuroscience

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