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In about 50 minutes you are by car from Chester in our modern practice “The Centre For Cosmetic Surgery”. After a personal consultation about breast augmentation Chester with our qualified surgeons Dr Mounir we carry out among other things the following cosmetic plastic surgery in the thoracic corrections:

If you now have a personal consultation about breast augmentation or breast corrections in Chester, breast surgery Chester agree or want to find out about prices / costs, please call us at (phone 0800/ 9903588 ) or use the contact form. You even have the option to send us up to 5 images of your problem area(s). Please note that breast augmentation plastic surgery and the costs are not covered for this for this reason by health insurance.

Recommendation: Breast Augmentation Chester, you can use our route planner

If you are interested in a breast augmentation in Chester, so the way to Manchester is not far. Please use the Google route planner. You will find that “The Centre For Cosmetic Surgery – Dr Abel Mounir” is just a stone’s throw from Chester.

CALL US ON 0800 9903588 or if you would like to book a consultation with one of our surgeons and require information beforehand about breast augmentation Chester, please fill out the form.


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