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Breast Augmentation The Surgery

Generally, the breast augmentation cosmetic procedure is performed under general, and takes about one hours to be done. A Silicone implant is then placed under the breast tissue or under the muscle after an incision is made in the breast crease. The incision is usually 4 to 5 cm long. Depending on the surgeon’s recommendation and your breast anatomy, the implantation of the silicone prosthesis as well as the positioning of it, will differ according to each patient.

The breast tissue is undermined and lifted to produce a pocket directly behind or underneath your chest wall muscle (the pectoral muscle). Then, the breast implant is placed in the pocket centered beneath your nipples, creating a natural appearance. Finally, the incision is stitched and closed. Sterstrips may also be used to provide additional protection.

After The Breast Augmentation Procedure at The Centre for Cosmetic surgery

Recovery time varies depending on your body reaction; however it is common that patients are able go back to work within 10 days. It is normal that women, after breast cosmetic surgery, often feel extra sensitivity in the area of the breasts for few weeks. Avoid direct physical contact to minimize the risk of infection and discomfort during the healing time. After about two to three weeks after the surgery, swelling and discomfort will gradually disappear. After two weeks, physical contact with the breasts is acceptable.

Following breast enlargement, women in them thirties should still plan them mammograms on a routine basis. Patients wishing to have breast enhancement at the Centre for Cosmetic Surgery should have realistic expectations. Like any cosmetic aesthetic procedure, good candidates are those in good physical and mental condition.


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