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Choosing A Surgeon

In the UK anyone with a medical degree is licensed by law to perform cosmetic surgery. Many clinics hire doctors with no or incomplete plastic surgery training to operate on patients. The level of skill and experience offered varies widely. Step one is to inform yourself about plastic surgery, about the particular procedure you are considering, and then to find a top quality, fully trained and experienced plastic surgeon. Accessible sources include your own doctor, the articles on this web site and introductory paperbacks.

When choosing your surgeon consider:

  1. Qualifications – Check them.
  2. Experience – Frequency of performing the procedure.
  3. Consultation – Look for comprehensiveness, openness, compassion.
  4. Advertising – Be sceptical.
  5. Professional referrals – Ask doctors.
  6. Testimonials – Can you speak to a previous patient?
  7. Personal referrals – Discuss with knowledgeable friends.
  8. Fees – Expect clarity.
  9. Instinct – Trust your own.


In the UK the General Medical Council (GMC) holds up-to-date lists so that you can check a surgeon’s credentials (+44(0)20 7580 7642). He should be listed on the Specialist Register in Plastic Surgery. Experienced and successful surgeons will be happy to give you numbers of other professional organisations to which they belong – for example, in the USA, the American Academy for cosmetic Surgery. If certified by the AACS, the doctor has graduated from an accredited medical school and completed at least five years of additional residency – at least three years of general surgery (or its equivalent) and two or three years of plastic surgery. He must also have passed comprehensive written and oral exams.


European Society of Aesthetic Surgery

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery


Canadian Association for Neuroscience

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