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The Centre For Cosmetic Surgery

Medical Director:

Dr. A. Mounir M.D. M.Sc

  • German Board for Plastic Surgery
  • G.M.C specialist Reg. 4761905


  • Phone: 0800 990 3588
  • Mobile: 07772777060
  • Email

Cosmetic Consultations in Manchester

Bridgewater Hospital

120 Princess Road
M15 5AT

Cosmetic Consultations in London

Highgate Hospital

17-19 View Road
Highgate, London
N6 4DJ

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Special Offer for Breast Augmentation

Thank you for visiting our website. From January 2018, you will get a £ 500 discount if you book your breast augmentation. You will get the best implants on the market made by Mentor and are included in the price.

The Consultation is free of charge and will include a very full and frank appraisal of individual’s suitability, as well as review the risks and benefits of the Breast surgery in general.

We accept credit card and payments. We do not offer unfortunately finance.