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Neck Lift (platysmaplasty)

Neck lift is cosmetic surgery procedure designed for the tightening of neck skin and underlying soft tissues in order to achieve a more youthful appearance of the neck. It could be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Who needs a necklift?

During the aging, the effect of gravity, sun exposure and hormonal changes will affect the face and neck. Deep creases, folds and loose skin start to become noticeable in the lower part of the face and Neck. Therefore, the necklift or so-called platysmaplasty procedure is efficient for restoring the youthful shape the lower jaw, and reducing the excess skin of the neck.

The Surgery

There are different cosmetic surgery approaches to perform necklift). This is because the necklift became a popular procedure, and cosmetic surgeons are always trying to improve them techniques to achieve better results. The neck lift takes about 2 hours and is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The cosmetic surgery takes place either at the bridgewater Hospital in Manchester or at the Highgate hospital in London.

Dr Mounir starts by making an incision behind the ear and back on the hairline. Then, the incision continues its run to the front of the ear. A small incision under the chin may also be needed. The main goal of the surgery is to tighten the neck muscle called platysma (platysmaplasty) in order to achieve the desired cosmetic effect. Also, when needed, the necklift will be combined with liposuction.

The Risks

Any cosmetic surgery will carry some risks, it is important for you to assess the benefits and the risks of the necklift. It is important to inform Dr Mounir about any medical conditions such as heart condition, high blood pressure, and Blood clotting problems. This could affect your cosmetic surgery. As with any surgery, the necklift procedure could be subject to complications, which although are rare but do occur. These include bruising, collection of blood beneath the skin, infection, poor wound healing, poor scars, numbness and injury to the nerves that control the movement of the face. We always advise our patients to stop smoking before and after the surgery.

After the Surgery

Usually, necklift could be performed as daycase and you do not need to stay overnight. The stitches are removed after 7 days. Mild discomfort after the necklift procedure is normal but excessive pain is anormal. Bruising, swelling and numbness may persist up to two weeks after the surgery, depending on whether you had liposuction or not. The scars are discreet and placed in the hair or the skin creases around the ears.

They will continue to fade for at least 12 months. The cosmetic surgery out come of the necklift depends on many factors, such as the used surgical technique, patient’s age, skin quality, and of course the patient’s expectations. Our experience is so, that patients are usually very satisfied and the effects youthful appearance should normally last for 6-12 years.


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