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Fees for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures (Dr A. Mounir)

Surgery Prices

Facial Surgery
Facelift £ 7.500
Facelift and Open Necklift £ 8,800
Vaser Liposuction to Neck £ 2.200
Fat Transfers to Face
(Plus any corrective surgery)
£ 3.500
Eyelid Surgery – Uppers (includes anaesthetic) £2,500
Eyelid Surgery – lowers £ 3.500
Eyelid Surgery – Uppers and Lowers (general anaesthetic) £ 4.500
Brow Lift £ 3.500
Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) £ 4.995
Prominent Ear Correction £ 3.500
Breast surgery
Breast Implants standard round implants (Mentor) £ 4.250
Breast Implants Allergan Anatomical implants £ 4.950
Breast augmentation and Uplift £ 6.500
Mastopexy/Breast Uplift £ 5.800
Breast Reduction £ 5.500
Body surgery
Abdominoplasty – Mini + Vaser liposuction £ 6.250
Abdominoplasty -standard £ 5.500
Vaser Liposuction
Vaser Liposuction – one area £ 3.200
Vaser Liposuction – two areas £ 3.800
Vaser Liposuction – three areas £ 5.000
Vaser Liposuction – four areas £ 5.500
Vaser Liposuction – five areas £ 6.700
Gynaecomastia (Vaser liposuction only) £ 4.500

Price list 1/2018, Errors and omissions excepted

The below mentioned fees for cosmetic surgery procedures are supposed to give you an estimate on fees associated with typical treatments. If you find a better deal for a certain cosmetic surgery procedure elsewhere, feel free to let us have this offer in order for us to review it.

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