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The Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, Manchester

The Centre has been dedicated to cosmetic surgery and skin health for over 15 years. Abel Mounir is a fully accredited specialist consultant plastic surgeon on the General Medical Council’s specialist register for plastic surgery. He specialises in cosmetic Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction surgery, Vaser /Vibro Liposuction and Abdominoplasty or the so-called Tummy tuck surgery. He is a former plastic surgery doctor in the NHS at the Countess of Chester and Honorary fellow at the Burney Breast Unit, which is located at St Helens Hospital. Dr Mounir latest scientific publications were about breast cosmetic surgery and Nose reshaping. He has been invited as speaker in different international cosmetic congress meeting.

Dr Mounir performs all cosmetic procedures at the Pall Mall Medical Newton-Le-Willows and First Trust Hospital in Preston

Are you ready for Cosmetic Surgery?

Interested in having cosmetic surgery? We hope that the website of Dr Abel Mounir will help you to reflect whether you are really ready for cosmetic surgery. If you decide to have a consultation with Dr Mounir, you will have then the opportunity to discuss your expectations with one of the leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the North West and respected expert in the field of cosmetic breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery. Dr Mounir and his team can assist you in your personal and individually tailored experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Developing and Maintaining Healthy Skin

Although Dr Mounir has been using Obagipleu peel for many years and although this treatment does effectively help to improve and increase the overall texture of the skin. However Dr Mounir is interested in producing even a better results and it he is aiming to used Kacowicz © Method’s Peelings. This is a chemical peeling using a modified phenol formula, which is a true revolution in the medical aesthetics. This new concept of catalyzed Phenol, that intends to increase the penetration of the Phenol and to reduce undesirable effects, has brought a new stimulus in its use. Mid-peel and Neo-peeling are a serious improvement in the use of this chemical peeling. Effectively, they do bring clear good results with safer technique. Usually, hospitalisation is unnecessary, neither anesthesia. The patient is discharged the same day.

Types of Breast Surgery and Other Surgical Procedures performed by Dr Mounir at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Manchester:

At the Centre for Cosmetic Surgery we offer cosmetic surgery treatments for both men and women. Our popular cosmetic surgery treatments include:


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