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Back Pain Treatmentin Manchester, UK

Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment in Manchester


Back pain can be a source of constant discomfort and significantly impact your ability to work and enjoy life fully. Board-certified plastic surgeon Abel Mounir offers a non-surgical solution to back pain, using Quinton water to restore hydration and elasticity to damaged, brittle vertebral discs. Quinton Infusion offers relief for patients suffering from problems such as chronic lower back pain, herniated discs, and sciatic pain.

Back pain can make virtually everything exponentially more difficult than it should be. Everyday tasks like dressing, riding in a car, or even sitting or lying down comfortably can become unbearable. Patients experiencing chronic back pain find that the condition can be just as distressing mentally as it is physically. Through a series of treatments, Manchester Quinton Infusion can restore comfort and functionality in your back, so you can live an enjoyable and active life.

Who is a Candidate for Quinton Infusion?

If you are dealing with chronic back pain, you are likely a candidate for Quinton Infusion. Quinton Infusion is completely natural, using only seawater plasma, and does not have any contraindications. Essentially, if you are experiencing back issues like chronic back pain, sciatica, or herniated discs, you are a candidate for Quinton Infusion.

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What to Expect During Your Back Pain Treatment

When you come to Manchester Cosmetic Centre for your Quinton Infusion treatment, you will lie on your stomach.

Dr. Abel Mounir will insert eight to 12 needles distributed evenly on each side of your spine. Each needle will be attached to tubing through which the Quinton water will be delivered to the targeted region of your back.

The Quinton water will slowly drip through the tubing so that the injection process is gradual. Your initial Quinton Infusion treatment will take approximately 45 minutes. Most patients require a series of treatments to achieve their optimal comfort. As treatment continues, your sessions may become shorter, depending on how much your back has improved from previous sessions.

After Your Back Pain Treatment

While many patients feel relief soon after their first treatment, some patients may also experience some discomfort after the first couple of sessions. Should this occur, it is not a cause for concern. Any discomfort following treatment is an indication that discs are improving and the spine is realigning. It is imperative that you continue treatment to ultimately achieve your greatest level of comfort possible. Generally speaking, you can expect any discomfort related to your treatment to resolve by your third session.

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Your Quinton Infusion Results

Many patients achieve a noticeable improvement in their back pain soon after their first treatment. As your treatments continue, you can expect your comfort to increase and your pain to gradually diminish. Most patients undergo a series of five to ten treatments. After your initial treatment series, you will be able to schedule follow-up treatments as needed to maintain your results.

Book a Consult for Back Pain Treatment with Dr. Mounir

Quinton Infusion in Manchester, UK

If you are interested in discussing Quinton Infusion for back pain with Dr. Abel Mounir, please contact Manchester Cosmetic Centre to schedule an appointment. Dr. Mounir offers consultations in Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham.

What can QUINTON Infusion do?

Read About This Patient’s Experience:

The Quinton treatment has changed my life. After a few months of continuous discomfort and pain due to my damaged lower lumbar disc, I am finally pain-free and back to work without problems. As a builder, the combination of bending over and lifting heavy wreaks havoc in my back, and consequently, I slipped a disc. The problem consequently worsened, and I ended up with two slipped discs. I remember having to call the ambulance, and after being admitted to A&E, I was advised to get physio and to see a chiropractor. This just kept me slightly mobile but never fixed the issue.

The pain was constant, and I couldn’t work. At the time, I was working for Dr. Mounir (Plastic Surgeon) constructing a kitchen extension for him, and I remember when I informed him that, unfortunately, I had to cancel the job. Once I’d explained the reason to him and that I was considering the surgical option with one of the consultants at the Royal Preston Hospital, he invited me to come to see him at the Manchester Cosmetic Centre. He suggested a non-surgical treatment that he was offering at the Manchester Cosmetic Clinic. I went to his clinic, and during the initial consultation, I showed him my MRI, and he confirmed that there was good indication for the QUINTON TREATMENT.

He offered me a five-session treatment plan. My GP was aware of the treatment but was unsure about the evidence in its efficacy for treating joints or back pain. Altogether I had five Quinton treatments, one each week. The treatment itself is not painful, but the improvement was noticeable from session one. Within three weeks, the pain reduced, and my mobility vastly improved. I could bend down to do my laces and sit comfortably in a chair. All this was previously very difficult or extremely painful.

Now I can get up in the morning without my first thought being “MY BACK PAIN” …It’s surreal. I don’t know why the media doesn’t mention this treatment and why the NHS doesn’t offer this safe and effective treatment before going to surgery. I’ve recommended this treatment to all my friends and family. I’m still careful when I lift heavy weights as not to re-injure myself.

Last summer, I went back to my home country Latvia for the holidays, and I was glad to find myself regularly enjoying the pool, although taking care in finding my limit. In summary, the Quinton treatment has changed my life for the better. After months of agony and pain from two severely damaged lower lumbar discs, I am now relatively pain-free and back to my professional duties without issue. The treatment is painless, and the result has been beyond expectation. I would guess an 80% improvement in my overall health and wellbeing. I can’t recommend the treatment enough. Cost wise the initial consultation was £200, and each subsequent session was £225. I received the five recommended sessions once a week.

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