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Inverted Nipple Surgeryin Manchester, UK

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What Is The Difference Between The Nipple And Areola?

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The areola is the pigmented skin surrounding the center of the nipple. The nipple is the very center part of the areola that is usually raised. However, about 20% of women have experienced some degree of inverted nipple at some point.

Although inverted nipples are asymptomatic and painless, the condition can make some patients very self-conscious. Abnormalities in the nipples and areolas can be a source of insecurity for both men and women. If you think your nipples are inverted and it is bothering you, you should contact Dr. Abel Mounir, Breast Cosmetic Surgeon, to arrange an appointment. At the Manchester Cosmetic Centre, we perform modern surgical techniques to correct nipple or areola deformities, including inverted nipple correction and nipple reduction.

Manchester Inverted Nipple correction model in white
Inverted Nipple correction infographic

Nipple Reduction

If the nipple is too big or over-projecting, Dr. Mounir offers nipple reduction surgery in Manchester to reduce the size of the nipple and produce a pleasing look of the nipple-areola complex.

During the procedure, the excess tissue is reduced from the nipples through an incision around the base of the nipple. The procedure involves:

  • Local anesthesia just around the nipple.
  • Reduction of nipple height to be in proportion with the size of the areola.
  • Dissolvable sutures.

What Is Inverted Nipple Surgery?

Our treatment for inverted nipples in Manchester can be surgical or non-surgical, depending on the severity of the inversion. There are three types of nipple inversion:

  • Grade 1: the inverted nipple can be corrected manually with long-lasting results. The height of the nipple can be improved by injecting dermal fillers to augment the nipple.
  • Grade 2: the nipple can be corrected manually but is difficult to retract.
  • Grade 3: this is the most severe and cannot be corrected manually. Even if it is possible to correct, the nipple immediately retracts, and surgery is almost always needed.
Manchester Inverted Nipple correction model on the beach

Who Is A Good Candidate For Nipple Surgery?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nipples or/and areolas, please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment with Dr. Abel Mounir to discuss your expectations. Dr. Mounir will examine you and review your past medical history. Patients who want to proceed with inverted nipple correction in Manchester should have at least one of these symptoms below:

  • Big or enlarged areolas.
  • Flat or inverted nipples.
  • Over-projecting or overly large nipples.
  • Saggy or uneven nipple position on breast mound.

In addition, you should be healthy mentally and physically and have a positive body image.

What Is The Recovery Time?

Typically, the recovery process is straightforward, with some discomfort. The dressing will depend on the procedure performed. For example, Grade I inverted nipple correction involves a light dressing that will be removed after seven days. During your initial consultation, Dr. Mounir will inform you that there is about 3% risk of recurrence of the inversion. One of the most dangerous complications is the possibility of nipple necrosis (nipple loss). This happens when the blood supply to the nipple is damaged.

What Is the Cost of Nipple Inversion Correction?

The total cost for nipple or/and areola correction will depend on the complexity of the procedure and the length of the required surgery. You will be provided with a more precise quote at the end of your initial consultation with Dr. Mounir. Usually, your surgery will be more affordable if it is done under local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. You will be able to go back to work after four to five days. Dr. Mounir is proud to help women in Manchester and Liverpool achieve their cosmetic goals. To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Mounir or learn more about inverted nipple correction or nipple reduction, please contact his Manchester practice by calling 0800 228 9227.

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