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Botox Treatment

Botox ®, Vistabel®, Dysport®

Botox® is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. Botox® is only the brand name for a botulin toxin type A. In England, Botox® It is also called Vistabel and Dysport. About sixty years ago research have shown that very small injections of botulin toxin type A could be used to decrease overactive muscle activity. In the late eighties the company Allergan got approval from the F.D.A. and gave their drug the name Botox. The cosmetic use of botox came in 2002, when its cosmetic benefits were established. Now, Botox® is more popularly known for it’s non-surgical cosmetic action.

About the procedure

The Botox® injection is a non-surgical treatment, which is only temporary, and the cosmetic out come would last for three to five months. The treated skin around the injection area tends to look smoother. Botulin toxin type A can be used to treat any wrinkles caused by muscle movement. It is not suitable for static wrinkles not caused by facial movement. Botox has been used to treat glabellar lines (severe frown lines between the eyebrows). Thus, Botox® is well used to lift the eyebrows miming the effect of a brow lift. It is also used in the treatment of excessive sweating.

How does Botox work?

It is a bacteria which produce Botulin toxin type A. Technically speaking, the injection of Botox® serves to interfere with nerve impulses. As such, it has come to serve many purposes in non-surgical cosmetic treatment, namely the reduction of skin wrinkles. Nevertheless, its effects are never permanent, so further injections may be needed. Botox is usually considered as a serious drug that needs to be administered by a qualified medical person. Therefore, it’s important that it will be done in a controlled environment.

Complications and Risks

Research shows that botulinum toxin type A is well tolerated and that it is a temporary treatment for treating facial wrinkles. Our experience with Botox treatment has shown good results and high levels of patient satisfaction. However, as with any other type of cosmetic treatment, there are always risks, complications, and side effects that can happen. Bruising or bleeding at the site of injection, headaches, and, very rarely, eyelid ptosis or diplopia, and brow droop has been described.


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