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Chemical Peeling

There are different types of chemical peels that can be used. The most commonly performed is by using alpha hydroxyacids. This kind of skin peeling is performed with acids found in fruits and other food. The other type of peeling is the TCA peel (Trichloroacetic Acid), which is very efficient in removal of the upper layers of skin. Normally these are the layers that are damaged by the sun. By treating the upper layers of skin, the skin texture is improved, wrinkles are reduced and irregularities in the skin tone are improved. Finally there are deep peels, which are performed using Phenols that can get rid of large wrinkles and can provide results as dramatic as a facelift.

What is chemical peeling?

Chemical peeling is a type of cosmetic treatment in which a specific solution would be used for removing the (superficial) damaged skin layers. The chemical is generally used for the face to improve the skin texture. Skin pigmentation is also a condition, which can be effectively treated with Chemical peeling cosmetic treatment. The Obagi bleu peel is also known to improve the skin irregularities, wrinkles and facial blemishes. It is essential for all patients to consult with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to determine if they are good candidate for this procedure.

The Typical Candidates

In most cases, patients who have light hair and fair skin would be the best patient for chemical peeling. However, patients who have other hair colour and skin pigmentation can also see good results. The ideal candidates for this cosmetic treatment would be the ones who are not happy with their skin appearance, do not smoke and have a realistic expectation of the procedure.

The Benefits and Risks

Chemical peeling cosmetic treatment would only rarely cause serious complications but there would be a few risks involved. The risks involved are skin tone changes, swelling, infection, cold sore and scarring. Following the instructions provided by the doctor can reduce the risks. It is important to provide your cosmetic surgeon with a comprehensive medical history prior to the cosmetic treatment.

The reason why a large number of individuals today choose chemical peeling cosmetic treatment is because of the benefits that it provides. Chemical peeling is one of the few medical procedures that can provide smooth skin almost immediately without an invasive surgery. With chemical peeling cosmetic treatment, the patient would be able to see reduced wrinkles, youthful looking skin and would be able to improve sun damage, blotchy patches and uneven pigmentation. However, the final result could be different from patient to patient, depending on the nature of the skin.


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