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Lip Enhancement

Many of us want fuller, larger lips – or perhaps a smaller area between the base of the nose and upper lip (lip lift). As we age our lips seem as though they “deflate” or even thin out. The upper lip is more prone to the signs of aging, such as “dropping” or thinning so some patients may simply need upper lip rejuvenation. Perhaps with fat grafting (the technique we are using) implants, a lip lift or even resurfacing of the skin above the lip.

Please research each available product or technique fully before committing to one. You will find that there are always pros and cons for each but by researching you can make an informed decision.

Indications for Lip Enhancement

For persons with small, deflated lips, asymmetry, reconstructive needs, “dropping” or “sagging” upper lip, lack of color, wrinkling from smoking or aging and other complaints.


Persons having been on or having the following may not be good candidate for lip enhancement.

  1. Accutane for six months prior or following. Accutane may increase your chances of keloid-like scarring.
  2. collagen/scarring/connective tissue disorders
  3. lupus
  4. active diseases may affect outcome or increase risks
  5. diabetes may affect outcome or increase risks
  6. problems with clotting
  7. excessive oral plaque or dental abscesses
  8. oral herpes

European Society of Aesthetic Surgery

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery


Canadian Association for Neuroscience

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