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Breast Augmentation with Subglandular implantation

Breast augmentation is usually the most rewarding cosmetic surgery treatment. Clearly woman’s self-esteem could be improved greatly. Breast enhancement procedure existed since the beginning of the twentieth century; breast augmentation involves the implantation of a silicone prosthetics in the breast either under the breast tissue, above the pectoral muscle, or under the pectoral muscles. Subglandular implantation (infront of the muscle) was the original method used in breast enlargement surgery.

Recently, however, it has become far less common. The subglandular location appears to produce more natural look than subpectoral (behind the muscle). Patients usually do require general anesthesia during the breast augmentation surgery. The duration of the subglandular breast augmentation is shorter, as no incision is made into the existing muscles of the chest. Normally, the only incisions made in subglandular placement are into skin and fat.

There is believe that the resulting cosmetic out come following breast augmentation with subglandular placement creates a more attractive cleavage line. Implants can also be examined more easily since they are not hidden by muscle, but only tissue. It is a fact that, subglandular placement may not be an alternative for women with flat chest. Due to the lack of breast tissue, the outline of breast implants will be easily visible and appear unnatural following breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, submuscular placement is usually better option for patients with such anatomy.

Can I have the implant placed over the muscle?

The answer is yes you can have the silcone implant placed over the pectoralis muscle or the so-called sub-glandular implantation, but only if you do have enough breast tissue to cover the implant to reduce the risk of rippling and palpability. During your consultation Dr Mounir will discuss with your expectations and explain to you that placing the implant over the muscle usually would produce a more rounded look.


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