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Before the Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast enlargement, like any cosmetic surgical treatment, is invasive. Performed on an outpatient basis under general anaesthesia, it is important that you prepare for the procedure by following the specific instructions outlined by your plastic surgeon at The Centre for cosmetic surgery during your consultation.

You may need to change your lifestyle, and limit or stop specific medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Also, medications, such as Vivactil, Etrafon, Tofranil, and Sinequan may affect the properties of the anesthesia used during breast augmentation surgery. It is important that you inform your cosmetic surgeon of all the medications, supplements, or vitamins that you usually take. We always advise our patients to avoid alcohol, and nicotine. While consumption of alcohol should be stopped entirely a minimum of one week before breast enlargement surgery, it is highly recommended that nicotine consumption be stopped at least 4 weeks before. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, reducing the blood circulation in your body. And since oxygen, carried by the blood, is required to promote healing, your body may not recuperate properly or quickly enough following the surgery. Infection may result. Indeed scientific data have shown that nicotine consumption increase the risk of infection and delay healing.

A good healthy lifestyle should always include a good exercise plan and drinking plenty of water, 3 to 4 weeks before will help to prepare your body to deal with the changes resulting from breast enlargement. We always advise our patients to organize them transportation to and from the hospital. As well as someone that can take care of you at lease for the first night after your cosmetic surgery.

Your breast enhancement surgery will be cancelled if you are pregnant. Usually, a blood test is done to check your general health, which includes a pregnancy test as well.


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