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Breast Augmentation and Mammograms

Women who undergo a breast enlargement procedure prior to surgery need to be examined by a doctor. Indeed it is important to determine whether their mental and physical condition meet specific expectations outlined by the British association for plastic surgeons (BAAPS). Following the breast augmentation procedure at Centre for cosmetic surgery, the mental state of patients, which includes personal happiness and self-perception, generally improves considerably.

Patients are monitored and evaluated after the surgery. The aftercare plan include a routine examination of patient’s health, breast implants. As well as the assessment of the physiological changes resulting from the procedure are deemed satisfactory.

Scientific data has shown that there is no relationship between breast cancer and breast enhancement, routine examinations should include screening with the completion of a mammogram. Mammograms are particularly important for women over 40 years as the risk of developing breast cancer increases. It is extremely important that women who have a history of breast cancer in their family should schedule mammograms earlier.

It is important that patients after having breast augmentation at Centre for Cosmetic Surgery inform all relevant parties at the clinic or facility prior to the mammogram. This information will guarantee an accurate examination. Usually, an experienced technician in dealing with breast implants will be chosen. The technician will take in consideration the position of the implant during the mammogram and reposition the breast tissue, using special techniques called an “implantation displacement view” to facilitate a full x-ray. More views are usually required. The implant may be squeezed, but not to the point of serious discomfort. Properly done, the risk of breakage or reshaping of the implant is very minimal. Mammograms performed on women with breast enlargement usually experience a longer x-ray time.

Dr Mounir will always invited you to read the information sheet published by the British Association Plastic surgeons (BAAPS) about an extremely rare of cancer (Anaplastic large cell lymphoma or ALC) which linked to textured breast implants please click here

Self-Examination and Breast enlargement

We always advise our patient to complete monthly self-examinations at home. Scientific data have shown that because the pressure of the implant this would creates a smooth surface on the breast, women with breast implants usually detect lumps more easily than women without.


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