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Breast Reduction

Patients with very big and saggy breasts usually do present some medical symptoms. Effectively, due to the excessive weight of the breast women do usually complain about back and neck pain and skin irritation. Often Bra straps may leave indentations on their shoulders. Sometimes, big breasts can make a woman-or a teenage girl feel extremely self-conscious.
Brest reduction or the so-called reduction mammoplasty is designed to reduce the size and volume of the breast. The surgical manoeuvre removes glandular tissue, and fat from the breasts, making them smaller and lighter. Reducing the skin from the breast and the areola would also make the breast firmer and uplifted. However, the main goal of the surgery should be to reshape the breast and make them in proportion with the rest oft he body.

Are you a candidate for a breast augmentation or breast uplift?

If you feel that you have a heavy and large Breast, which are restricting your activities and causing you physical discomfort then you are a good candidate for breast reduction.
If you also feel that you whish is to improve the cosmetic appearance of your breast because they are saggy and large then you still are a good candidate for breast reduction.
However if you feel that you are more interested in reshaping your breast rather than reducing the volume of them, then you would need to discuss with Dr Mounir whether breast uplift is a better option for you. In fact, during the consultation Dr Mounir will lift your breast by using the sellotape test (see photo) and then he would ask you whether you are happy with the achieved size. If you do say yes, then this would mean that you are not seeking a breast reduction really but rather a more of breast lifting.

Although, breast reduction cannot be achieved until a woman’s breasts are fully developed; however, it can be done sooner if large breasts are causing serious physical discomfort.
Patients who are planning to have kids and to breast-feed are not good candidates for Breast reduction.

What about the Risks of Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a major operation and as with any surgery, there are always associated risks including bleeding, infection, Numbness oft he breast.
Effectively, some women may experience a permanent loss of feeling in their nipples. Necrosis oft he nipple where the areola and the nipple may lose their blood supply and the tissue will die.
Patients may also feel dissatisfy with their cosmetic out come as they may feel that the breast are still too big or that they have been reduced too much. In that sense, during the consultation Dr Mounir would explain to you that it is impossible to guarantee the final cup size. He will also stress to you that the procedure does leave noticeable and permanent scars. If you were smoker, he would advise you to stop smoking to reduce the risk of infection and wound healing delay. Effectively, Poor healing and wider scars are more common in smokers.

The Surgery

Techniques for breast reduction vary, but the most common used technique is the one involving an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola, extends downward, and follows the natural curve of the crease beneath the breast. Dr Mounir removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin, and moves the nipple and areola into their new position. He will then brings the skin from both sides of the breast down and around the areola, shaping the new contour of the breast (please see video). Breast reduction does not get rid of the excess fat from the armpit area. Dr Mounir may discuss with you the option of liposuction to treat this problem.
Usually, Dr Mounir always keep the nipples attached to their blood vessels and nerves. However, your breasts are very large or pendulous, the nipples and areolas may have to be completely removed and grafted into a higher position. Dr Mounir uses mainly dissolvable stitches to closure the skin.

After the surgery

Dr Mounir will give you his personal Mobile number so in case you have any unusual symptoms, such as bleeding or severe pain you contact him anytime. Usually, you are up and about in few hours after the surgery. Your breasts may still ache for about 2 weeks. You should avoid lifting or pushing anything heavy for at least four weeks. Dr Mounir will give you detailed instructions for resuming your normal activities. Most women can return to work and social activities in about two weeks. You will be asked to wear a sport Bra for at least 6 weeks time. Your wounds need to be checked after one week.


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